Raising funds for arts education and scholarships

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

Why Do I Want to Be A Champion?

The Community School of Music and Arts in Ithaca NY has been creating new Musicians, Painters, Dancers, and Visionaries for more than 50 years.

Creating a Dancer is a work of a lifetime, a Painter requires the inspiration of generations, a Musician needs a world of ears and love, and support.

Not a sound bite, or a tweet.  A lifetime of dedication and understanding.

This year the Arts for All Marathon starts on November 7th, my 58th birthday, and this year I will celebrate by donating $58 Dollars to the CSMA

And I ask each one of you to Donate your age in dollars to The CSMA.

Then ask as many friends as you can to give Their age in dollars to CSMA. It doesn’t matter where in the WORLD you are. Art is a World Community.

If you’re 25 give $25, if you’re 90 give $ 90.  Or,  if you are fifty and want to be 35  give $35!

Every little bit we give can make it Amazing!!

So please visit the CSMA Arts for All Marathon website  www.artsforallmarathon.org      ,  or donate here and now on the Peaksmaker website.

The gift of Music, Art, and Dance is our chance to help the Ithaca “Community” School of Music and Arts continue to give to OUR WORLD COMMUNITY for the next 58 years and beyond.

It’s an amazing gift.

More fun to come on this site. To achieve my goal I will update with the things that have motivated me to be a singer/songwriter for 40 years.

Peace, Love, Music

Joseph Gaylord

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